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Whether you're looking to make a major renovation to your home, putting together a list of small projects or trying to sell your home. A Home Tech Handyman technician is available for your need.
Our experienced tech is committed to handling every job, whether large or small, with complete dedication and an eye on quality. We believe in giving our customers the best value possible. So, although in most cases you'll provide the materials of your choice,Home Tech  Handyman Services provides the workmanship and labor, you'll find that our prices are extremely competitive. Don't just take our word on this - we urge you to contact other major companies and compare prices.

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  We can save you lots of money by simply having one of our Techs give you a walk thru of your home to make sure  
 your   shut-off valves are functioning correctly ,no water damage on ceilings or under cabinets,  drain your water heater,clean your dryer duct vent,and checking for loose door knobs and squeaky door hinges.We offer a lot more in this Preventative Maintenance Program.
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Home Tech Handyman Services-Maintenance
This is what happens when you don't performMaintenance on your all your stop valves quartley.Www.hometechhandymanserv.com


 Let us customize and organize your space
so we can give that car a happy home.                                


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Tip of the monthHome Tech recommends you to drain your water heater  once a year
                           to relieve water deposits siting on the bottom of your tank and heating
                           elements.It will prolong the life of your water heater.



                          Home Tech provide service to all the DFW Metroplex