" We Really Do Everything Under Your Roof " - Company Message

Tired of the wind blowing over your fence panels and breaking off those landscape timbers that was installed when your home was built?

How about that nice neighbors fence that's getting blown over into your
yard where the grass you grew that took two years to get right?

Home Tech Handyman Services recommends  you  to let us install metal poles. Although 
you may choose cedar,spruce,greenwood(treated wood) or white wood, metal poles are preferred cause of the stability of the frame will last 4 times longer than the wood itself. On most installs we warranty metal poles ONLY for 7 years.

                    There are several types of fences we install.

                                    * Horizontal

                                    * Side by Side

                              * Privacy ( board-on-board )

                                   * Shadow Box 

                                  Horizontal Fence

             Shadow Box Fence


                             Horizontal Fence

            Privacy Fence

                                                      Side By Side