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                                       What is A Home Review ?
        A Home Review is a service provided by HTHS that requires  a  personal walk through of your residence  to provide you with moneysaving tips onPreventative Maintenance,Conserving Energy,and FoundationProtection.

Problem:  Months ago we got a call for a estimate for a Insurance claim of a toilet running over from the second floor restroom.It caused drywall damage,wood damage,carpet replacement,baseboards replaced,painting and not to forget  the inconvenience of your restroom being out of commission for weeks.

Question: How could they have prevented the toilet from running over?
Answer:   The Toilet most likely ran over because the  fill valve was not functioning correctly allowing water to overflow the waterline of the tank and run out thru the handle,  The home owners tried to turn the shut-off valve off but did not shut off the supply line to the tank,cause water deposits build up in the shut-off valve over a period of time.Now causing over $2300.00 in repairs. 
Tip#1:  Preventative Maintenance that is scheduled every 3mths, 6mths,or annually prevents small problems into becoming a one big problem.